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News for the Week 


4th Grade Newsletter

Week of September 25-29, 2017



  • Weekly Concept: Putting Ideas to Work

  • Essential Question: How can starting a business help others?

  • Genre: Persuasive Article

  • Skill: Main Idea is the most important idea that an author presents in a text or a section of a text.  Key Details give important information to support the main idea. Consider what the key details have in common to figure out the main idea.

  • Strategy: Reread sections in informational text to make sure you understand key facts and details in the text.

  • Spelling: Long o

  • Grammar: Run-On Sentences

  • Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes-A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word to change its meaning. Knowing the meaning of common suffixes can help you figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words.

    • -ly-done in a way of

    • -ive-related or belonging to

    • -ful-full of or characterized by


  • Read pages 43-44.  Complete pages 45 and 47. They are due on Friday.

  • U1W5 Dictation on Thursday.

  • We will not test on U1W5.  The concepts covered this week will be on the Unit Test next week.

  • Unit 1 Test: October 4-5

  • The last day for the students to meet their AR goal is October 6th.


  • We will finish Topic 4 and review for our Topic 3 and 4 test (please be sure your child has their math book in class on Tuesday and Wednesday)

  • After our Topic 3 & 4 Test, we will begin reviewing for our 9 weeks test that will be a comprehensive test of everything we have covered this nine weeks.

  • SYMBALOO LINK: This is a great link with math practice resources; Great resources for multiplication fact practice!

  • 9/28 (Thursday): Topic 3 & 4 Test **A review game for both topics will be posted in Google Classroom beginning Monday evening.

  • 9/29 (Friday) PRACTICE timed test (students have 3 minutes to complete 50 multiplication problems, including 11’s and 12’s facts)

  • 9/29 (Friday) Week 6 Homework due

  • 10/4 (Wednesday) 1st 9 weeks test



  • Week 4 Test: Tuesday, September 26th. **Look for a review game posted in Google Classroom.

  • We will then begin Week 5: A New Nation. Students will discuss key figures, events and documents from the American Revolution.



  • Students will investigate how slope and rate of flow affect stream formation.



  • September 27th-See You at the Pole

  • September 28th- Picture Make-Up Day & Color Run Donations Due

  • September 28th- JC Homecoming Parade

  • October 9th-13th, Fall Break

  • October 16th- Field Trip to Huntsville Utilities & Leader in Me Parent NIght

  • October 18th-Report Cards

  • Please use this link for any information regarding school policies :