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The things children say still amaze and entertain me!  

Funny Quote of the Day



I called students over to the rug and some were being very slow. I said, "Come on everybody." Another student blurted out, "Yeah or she'll start singing again."


Student 1: "You smell good Mrs Carter."

Student 2: "I want to smell you Mrs. Carter!"


A student says to me as I put on my leather jacket, Are you a rock star Mrs. Carter!?


My mommy goes to the bathroom a lot. She has allergies.  



A student came up to me and gave me a big bear hug and told me I was the best teacher ever. She then said, "Matthew told me to tell you that"



Student: Ms. Matice, Do you know who is prettier than you are?

Me: No. Who?

Student: My mom.



Student: "Ms. Matice!! He said the G word"

Me: "What's the G word? You can whisper it in my ear"

Student: Ga-ga



Student: "Ms. Matice, I like your pants"

Me: "Why thank you"

Student: "Did you borrow them?"