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December News to Note!  

Happy December!!! This month we have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for this season. It's my oldest and my birth month. It's Christmas season. :-)
Announcement #1: NEXT Week, the 4th-8th, is Mrs. Jennifer's last week with us! Mrs. Jennifer has been a huge help this semester and she has really helped your kids grow and progress. She will be greatly missed as she wraps up this placement and moves on to her adult placement next semester.
Announcement #2: For the month of December, I am issuing a kindness challenge. See the PDF link below. I challenge you to print this out and have your child complete at least 15 of these kindness tasks. Just initial and date when one is complete. You do not have to do the task on the given day if it doesn't work with your schedule. If you do not have a printer, just write down the task you completed and the date in your child's folder and keep a running total of tasks for the month.
I will check calendars in January when we return from Christmas break. I encourage you to use this not only as a fun way to spread kindness, but also to model good speech/language skills for your kids. Listen to your child's articulation when you're completing a task and have them really focus on his/her sounds. If the kindness task of the day requires interaction with someone else directly, use that as an opportunity to practice social skills and, again, facilitate speech and language skills.
ANNOUNCEMENT #3: If you are already Christmas shopping, please consider coming to the Advent Market at Summit Crossing Community Church, 7200 Governors Dr. NW 35806. Help build clean water wells for people in India and Nepal through Neverthirst. Almost 100 vendors to meet all your Christmas shopping needs all in one place. Man cave for the men in your life to hang out and watch football while you shop. Coffee, tea, food/pastry vendors, the yummiest cinnamon rolls on the planet, the BEST BBQ to pick up by the pound for your lunch or to freeze for later, and SO much more! 8 AM to 2 PM